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Blue Swimmer Crabs

Blue Swimmer Crabs are fun to catch and delicious to eat. Find out about catching and cooking Blue Manna Crabs here.

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Fuel Prices

Fuel Prices fluctuate and vary between regions in Australia. It's impossible to name a price for tourists however we have some examples and a currency converter to get a rough idea.

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Hotels and motels in Australia are anywhere and everywhere. They suit all budgets and tastes and are even in the outback. Find one here.

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Daintree National Park

Daintree National Park features beautiful beaches such as Cape Tribulation and magnificent World-Heritage rainforest. North of the Daintree is the Bloomfield 4wd track towards Cooktown and Cape York.

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Brag Board

Brag Board featuring a variety of fish caught around Australia. The current leader is a 96cm Barramundi caught on the Cape York Peninsula.

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Road Rules

Road Rules in Australia require driving on the left side of the road. Get information on speed limits, drivers licences and international permits here.

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Travel Australia Guide Ebook

The ultimate backpacker and caravaner guide. Written by travel author and avid adventurer Jodie Sievers. Everything you need to know when embarking on the great Aussie roadtrip.

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Australia's Most Dangerous Spiders

Australia has several poisonous spiders, some potentially deadly to humans, however thanks to antivenom, very few fatalities occur. Find out here.

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Australia's Most Dangerous Snakes

Only a small percentage of Australia's venomous snakes prove potentially fatal. Find out which species here.

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Worldwide Travel Guides

Worldwide Travel Guides of overseas destinations. Picked out for you by the authors of the Travel Australia Bible in case you're looking to travel other countries.

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4WDing tips for less experienced four-wheel drivers. Tips on tyre pressure, vehicle recovery and creek crossings. Most importantly get to know your vehicle mechanically if travelling in the outback.

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Burnie is on Tasmania's north coast. Little Penguins are a popular tourist attraction here between November and April and guided tours by local volunteers are free.

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Busselton is a popular beachside holiday town in Western Australia's south west. It is located on Geographe Bay and offers an aquatic playground for beach lovers.

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New addition to the brag board - Flathead

Check out the latest catch caught by Doug and his son in Denmark, Western Australia. (scroll to the bottom of the brag board page to view). Feel free to submit your own catches too.

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Best Time to Travel

Best Time to Travel Australia is the south in our summer months and the north during our winter months, which are the opposite to the northern hemisphere.

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Baiting a Prawn

Baiting a prawn on a fish hook is easy when done with care and precision. The prawn needs to follow the contour of the hook to beging with and then straightened to appear lifelike to fish.

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Black Diamond Collie

Black Diamond Collie is an old open cut coal mine now utilised as a crystal clear swimming hole. The water sparkles azure blue on a clear sunny day and taking a dip is so refreshing.

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Marron Season in Southwest of Western Australia

Marron season began in WA's southwest on Tuesday 8 January and ends on Friday 5 February 2013. See here for rules and regs, permits, size and bag limits. These freshwater crustaceans are unique to the southwest corner of the country.

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Australia Climate

Australia Climate varies significantly from to bottom. There are several climatic zones which tourists should take note of and the best times to travel each.

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How to fillet a fish

How to fillet a fish. Find out step by step here. Use the right tools and technique and you'll be an expert in no time. Practice is the key to success.

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