Aboriginal Dreamtime

“Aboriginal Dreamtime refers to the beliefs of the Indigenous people as to how the world was created.”

According to legend, many years ago the earth was dark and bare. Nothing was here until the spiritual ancestors of the Indigenous rose from the earth, awakening from their sleep underneath the ground. They were half human, supernatural beings, resembling what was to become life on earth.

Aboriginal Rock Art, Ubirr, Kakadu National Par, Northern Territory, Australia, Pacific
Aboriginal Rock...
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As the earth’s crust parted for the beings to emerge, so did the sun, giving light and warmth to the dark, cold land of nothing. The supernaturals wandered the land, free from their eternal sleep and created everything that exists. The elements of air, water and fire, the sun, moon and stars were all the works of the supernaturals.

They also created humans and animals, all the species known on earth. The landscape of mountains, trees, rocks, caves, rivers and gorges were all the doing of these magical creatures. Sometimes the supernatural beings turned into trees and rocks and these are very sacred places, where only the initiated Indigenous men can go.

Adnjamathanha Aboriginal Engravings, Sacred Canyon, Flinders Range, South Australia, Australia
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The Dreamtime theory and belief suggests that the land owns the Indigenous. They do not own the land. The Indigenous are ancestors of the spiritual beings and they are very grateful for their creations. They celebrate the Dreamtime in their stories, art works, songs and dance.

Today the Indigenous community refers to the legend as The Dreaming. Aboriginal art still focuses very much so on this legend as does their music and dance. Traditional and modern day Aboriginals all celebrated and still celebrate this belief with didgeridoos and clap sticks and re-enact the spiritual events in mime form.

Aboriginal Dancer Didgeridoo, Pamagirri, Queensland, Cairns, Australia
Aboriginal Dancer...
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