Airfare Deals

So you’re keen to visit down under and airfare deals are your greatest initial expense, before you even leave your own country. As the Aussie expression goes, Australia is “beyond the black stump”. Yes we are remote here, at least 24 hours flying time from countries in the northern hemisphere, depending on connecting flights and waiting periods at airports in between, it can often be longer. You have a budget to stick to, you’re planning ahead for the trip of a lifetime and nothing is more important than research.

It is essential to your budget to start research early, months ahead if you can, as tariffs change frequently and become more expensive as the flight date draws nearer. If you are flexible with your dates and are open to connecting flights, stopover periods and your landing location, you might be eligible to save hundreds of dollars off certain airfare deals. For instance, Sydney and Melbourne are the most popular landing points for overseas travellers and generally more pricey for this reason. If you want to explore this area and aren’t planning on doing the lap around Australia or visiting the west coast, then this might be your best option at the cheapest rate you or your travel agent can find. We meet many overseas tourists, enjoying the great Australian road trip like we do, trying to see as much as possible during their stay and passing many capital cities along the way. So if this is your plan, seriously consider flying in to the city with the cheapest flight route.

Researching flights online can be frustrating and confusing. There is so much to choose from. A good starting point as you are obviously investigating the options yourself first, is to look at a few of the cheap flight offers, enter your planned dates and destination and experiment with a few different scenarios. Try a few different departure locations from international airports in your region and a few alternative arrival locations in Australia. Juggle the dates around a bit and see what you come up with. Of course you’ll take detailed notes for comparison and then we highly recommend contacting a couple of respected travel agents. You’ll be surprised what sort of airfare deals they can come up with. Let them know that you are prepared to take connecting flights and consider different arrival points if it saves you a chunk of your holiday spending money.

Another important consideration when planning your trip to Australia, particularly when on a strict budget, is the time of year to visit, if your circumstances permit. The summer holidays (December through February) are peak season in the south and everywhere else in the country around Christmas and New Year. You’d be paying top dollar. The ideal time would be in the Autumn months of April-May-early June, when you could explore your way to the Top End (of Northern Territory, Queensland and/or Western Australia) and enjoy the beautiful mild weather of warm days and cool nights, during June and July, before it starts to warm up increasingly.

Above all, take the planning in your stride and enjoy preparing for your Australian adventure. Experienced and professional travel agents are there to help you and get you the best airfare deals possible. Don’t be in a rush to get the answers, leave it with them so they can devote the time to finding the best deal. Get a few quotes for different flight paths and dates from several companies if you feel it necessary. After all, this transaction is the beginning of your upcoming holiday so of course you’ll want to compare and contrast the costs and packages. All the best with your flight plan and safe travels to and around Australia.

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