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"The Australia Map is essential whilst travelling this vast and beautiful country of wide open spaces."

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Google provides an online Australia Map resource. Control the map with the symbols in the top left hand corner to guide you in all directions and zoom in and out.

Online resources such as Google Maps are a great way to research and plan prior to your trip, however a hard copy is also essential, particularly when there is no internet connection available. Throughout outback Australia and on the open roads between towns and cities, you'll find your mobiles and internet services will not have much coverage.

As avid travellers we highly recommend purchasing a comprehensive map book covering all of the states and territories in Australia. The HEMA maps are undoubtedly the best.

Australia Caravan and Motorhome Atlas

The Australia Caravan and Motorhome Atlas is the perfect travel companion for those with caravans, campervans and motorhomes. It features easy to follow maps with precise distances as well as several travel related topics and tips and a list of over 1000 caravan parks Australia-wide.

Australia Road and 4wd Atlas

The Australia Road and 4wd Atlas is the four-wheel drive enthusiast's travel guide. It features the same Hema maps and a bonus 4wd section with off-road maps for popular four-wheel driving regions such as the Kimberley in Western Australia, Fraser Island and Cape York in Queensland. Fuel stops, points of interest, national parks and caravan parks are also marked on the maps throughout Australia. This Australia map book is worth its weight in gold and and the ultimate traveller's investment which you'll find yourself referring to time and time again.

Great 4wd Destinations

The serious four-wheel driving fanatics who love their travelling adventures to different regions in Australia often require more detailed sheet maps. You can buy individual regional maps like we did when visiting Cape York Peninsula. They are very comprehensive and unfold to reveal the region and all of its nooks and crannies (ie. every road and track you can travel) and on a larger scale. We discovered this pack of sheet maps of Great 4wd Destinations in Australia, which includes maps of all the iconic 4wd regions in the country. This money saving map pack has Cape York, Fraser Island, The Flinders Ranges, The Red Centre, Central Australia, The Kimberley, The Pilbara, The Top End, The Gulf, Outback Queensland, Outback New South Wales and Victoria's High Country. There is also a map of Australia so you can plan your travels or even hang it on the wall and mark the roads you've travelled!

Camps Australia Wide

The Camps Australia Wide reference book is another favourite we take on all of our travels around Australia. This is definitely one for the free camp lovers and purchasing this book will save you just two nights accommodation at a typical caravan park! This book not only has the HEMA maps for each state and territory, but it marks the exact positions of free camps, cheap camp grounds, station stays and rest areas. Each camp site on the map has a marker and number which corresponds with a description in a list for each state section. The descriptions include directions and distances, symbols indicating things like toilets, showers, shade, size of rig allowed, disabled facilities, pay or free, dogs permitted or not, views, fireplaces, running water, power and mobile phone reception. A lot of the free camps are quite basic with toilets only (and nothing flash at that), but it's like bush camping and if you're saving $30 on average per night they are the perfect stopovers. Even if you stay at a few free camps and alternate between caravan parks to enjoy the facilities when required. We're on the road to see and do and make those dollars last as long as possible after all!

Australia map books and/or specific regional map sheets are your travel bible (apart from this website of course). They are all available at Booktopia for discount prices and prompt delivery. Just click on the book titles to go directly to those specific books or on the Booktopia image to search for any book titles you wish.

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