“Burley is a teaser to attract fish.”

It can be bought from tackle stores in pre-made bags, or you can make up your own. If you decide to make your own you can use bread crumbs, old bread pieces, or even chicken pollard, mixed with fish oil and scraps from fishing carcasses or leftover bait.

Grind it up as best you can and throw it overboard a bit at a time if fishing offshore, or invest in a cage for beach fishing. Bigger fish are attracted to the smell and taste and will then go for your baited line if you’re lucky.

Using the mix for offshore fishing is a no-brainer. Just throw it over and cast out straight away.

Beach fishing requires a bit of preparation. The cage is about 10x20cm or so and you can jam pack it full of fish frames and bits and pieces of pre-made mix to attract fish. Use a star picket or large branch found on the beach and stake it into the sand. You’ll need rope to attach the cage to the stake and let it sit just about where the tide comes in, so as to lap up the fishy attraction, each time the waves roll in. Cast out and hopefully you’ll hook a beauty.

Another tool is a small wirey cage which you can attach to your line. Grab a handful of mix and press it into this spiral device. You also have bait on the end of your line, but the barrel is the ultimate attracter and I swear by it. I am by no means a fish freak so this helps me immensely! I’ve hooked up within minutes many times using this on my line.

So burley up people, the fish love it and we love the fish!

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