Camp Oven Roast

"Camp oven roast is one of the easiest and most delicious meals you can cook over a camp fire in the bush."


Meat – beef, lamb, chicken (your preference)

Vegetables – potatoes, carrots and pumpkin go well in the camp oven (dutch oven).

Flavours – garlic and rosemary or all purpose seasoning are easy and favourites of ours. Spice jars are quick and easy whilst travelling.

Cooking oil

Gravy powder and water

Green vegetables (optional)


Make a nice hot fire well in advance to create the red hot coals. Add some olive oil to the bottom of the pot. Then add the meat and chunky veggies, using a basting brush to coat them all with oil. Add any seasonings you like, either fresh, or from a spice jar sprinkled on top.

Move some hot coals to the side, away from the middle of the fireplace with a shovel. Place the pot on the hot coals and then surround the pot with a few more as well as a couple of scoops onto the lid.

Keep an eye on the coals and when they have lost their heat, replace them and check the roast after about 1.5 hours. Cooking time generally takes about an hour per kilogram of meat.

Before your roast is ready, boil up some green veggies on the gas burner as extras and stir up some gravy in a pot.

You can’t beat a dutch oven roast and sandwiches the next day if there is anything left!

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