Cast Nets

"Cast nets (also called throw nets) are a handy fishing accessory used to catch live bait, particularly Mullet for Barramundi fishing."

These mesh nets come in many sizes and are basically thrown like a frisby, as they spread out in a circular shape over the water. Weights around the edges force the net down over swimming bait fish and capture them as the fisherman pulls it in.

Photo courtesy of Don Cameron

It takes some practice to master the technique, so make sure you do it in an area where you are not going to get snagged and ruin your new net. Also be careful when going bait fishing as many waterways have protruding sticks which can damage your net. Investigate before casting.

Once you throw the net and it sinks, you pull it in straight away. There is a rope attached which you’ll need to sling over your arm as you throw out. The bait fish get caught up in the net and you’ll have to be quick and retrieve them and place them in a bucket of salt water to survive.

Oxygen doesn’t last long in the bucket so an aerator is the ideal means of keeping your bait alive. It pumps air into the bucket and keeps the fish going whilst you are fishing.

To bait the hook you need to thread the hook along the top of the fish, on its back. Place the spear of the hook in the spine of the fish, facing towards the tail and gently hook it in, not too deeply, so the fish remains alive and will still swim on the end of your line.

Cast your line, let your little bait fish swim and hopefully it’ll attract a much bigger fish. Live bait is the ultimate for barramundi fishing, so if you’re heading up north invest in a cast net and aerator. It’s definitely the way to go.

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