Dog Boarding Kennels

"Dog boarding kennels are located all over Australia and are very convenient for pet owners travelling with pets."

When visiting national parks and destinations prohibiting pets, particularly areas with poisonous 1080 baits, it is a good idea to check your pet into a nearby kennel or “doggy hotel” to be cared for. Kennels offer pet minding services for day care and overnight stays for extended periods.

Owner Inspection

Many kennels allow owners to inspect the facility before committing their pet, as of course you want to know he is in good hands and boarding in a clean and comfortable kennel while you are away. We all feel a bit of separation anxiety when we are apart from our beloved pets so most kennels permit or encourage you to leave some of your pets belongings with him in the kennel. Your pet will surely feel more comfortable with his favourite toys or blanket while staying in an unfamiliar place.

Additional Services

Many kennels offer additional services such as administering medications if required, grooming, bathing and exercising, some at an extra cost. All kennels include meals in the boarding fee, however if your pet has a special diet and you wish to leave your own food, this can generally be arranged.

Vaccination certificate

When checking your pet into a boarding facility you are required to produce a current vaccination certificate showing proof of up to date needles, in particular the C5 shot which is for the nasty kennel cough they are susceptible to. So be sure to check with your vet everything is done before his kennel stay.

Play Time

If your pet isn’t quite the “social type”, inform the kennel owner as sometimes dogs are let out into the yard to exercise with other animals, depending on the kennel. Social dogs will enjoy the playtime during their stay.

None of us like leaving our pets at kennels but it’s good to know there are many located all around the country and generally the people running them are animal lovers too.

Dog Kennels Australia Wide

We've compiled printable lists of dog kennels for each state and territory around Australia for you. Simply click on the state link you desire and the appropriate PDF file will pop up in another browser window. These files are virus-free! We wouldn't be allowed to upload them onto our Solo Build It website if they weren't. These lists are so handy to have when travelling as they have the holiday location, kennel name, address and contact phone number for as many doggie hotels as we could possibly find.

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Dog Boarding Kennels Australia

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