Emergency Contacts

"Emergency contacts should always be considered when travelling."

In case of emergency while holidaying in Australia always dial triple zero (000) for Police, Fire or Ambulance. If you do not have mobile phone reception dial 112 and your call will be connected to emergency services. The operator will then direct your call to the emergency department you require assistance from.

Safety Tips

If you’re venturing into the outback and your vehicle breaks down, do not leave the vehicle. Remain calm and try and be patient. Use as little energy as possible, stay in the shade and ration food and water supplies. Help will find its way to you, do not go looking for it yourself as this could get you lost and potentially prove fatal.

If you are travelling to very remote areas you may want to consider purchasing an EPIRB (Electronic Position Indicating Radio Beacon). This device could potentially save your life. When activated a signal is sent to emergency services via satellite and help is on its way to your location. The beacon is pricey, however a good investment for your safety when heading into remote and unknown territory.

Royal Flying Doctor Bases Australia-wide

Central Operations (southern NT, SA)
Alice Springs – 08 8648 9555
Port Augusta – 08 8648 9555

South East Section (NSW, VIC, TAS)
Broken Hill - 08 8088 1188

Queensland Section (QLD)
Charleville – 07 4654 1443
Mount Isa – 07 4743 2802
Cairns – 07 4053 5419

Western Operations (WA)
Derby – 1800 625 800
Port Hedland – 1800 625 800
Meekatharra – 1800 625 800
Kalgoorlie – 1800 625 800

Emergency Contacts List

It’s a good idea to be prepared when planning to travel in outback Australia. Keep an emergency contacts list somewhere handy in your vehicle just in case. Nobody likes unforeseen circumstances, particularly on holidays, but it’s better to have the information at hand in case of emergency. You might be able to help someone else on the road or perhaps even yourselves.

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