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"Let's cover fishing tips..."

Fishing would have to be up there with “sport” as far as favourite Aussie pastimes are concerned, well predominantly for the male gender anyway. Fishing the waterways around the country can be a memorable experience and very thrilling when you hook one. Imagine the feeling when you haul in a prize catch, that big Barramundi you’ve been chasing or a nice sized Mackie, anything big generally gets the blood pumping. Only the keen anglers would relate to that amazing adrenaline rush but there’s certainly hope for us all.

Saltwater Barramundi - Pentecost River, WA

Spanish Mackerel - Exmouth, WA

(not caught by me :-( but a good size comparison, plus I had to hold one big one!)

Passion for Fishing

We’ve fished our way around Australia and caught some good sized fish of various species, some great table fish and some not so great table fish. But we enjoyed every minute of it all the same.

Our passion for fishing has found us helping out less experienced anglers along our travels and we thought it might be helpful to include some fishing tips and photographic examples of tying knots and rigs, throwing a cast net to catch live bait, baiting prawns and livies correctly, preserving bait and anything else we can come up with to assist anyone that might need a hand getting started in this thoroughly enjoyable pastime/hobby/sport/obsession!

Mud Crabs

We’re also keen on Mud Crabs and have catching, tying and cooking methods to share with you. These incredibly strong crabs can be difficult to control but once you learn how to immobilize them and securely tie them you’ll realize it’s actually quite easy.

Blue Swimmer Crabs

Blue Swimmer Crabs are another of our favourite crustaceans. Crabbing rules and regulations vary in each state so we’ve outlined a few differences and provided the relevant fisheries web sites for further information.


We are also into marronning. Marron are freshwater crustaceans unique to the southwest of WA so not many of you would be very familiar with them. We’ll give you the rundown and if you’re ever over this way during the 4 week season, starting 8 January each year, you might like to try something different.


Crayfish are my brother's forte. Scuba diving during Cray season is one of his passions and he generally does very well. They have the hooker (breathing apparatus) in the boat and can stay underwater for plenty of time to secure their bag limit.


Abalone are another prize catch. These delicious sea snails come in varieties of Greenlip, Blacklip and Roe in Australia's southern waters. Rock bombies, reefs and ledges are prime fishing territory for them and they can be caught relatively close to shore.

Fishing Brag Board

Then of course there’s the Brag Board. Any mad keen fisherman knows we all have to have one. We have quite a few of our own catches up there and invite any fellow mad keen fishermen to add to the board. We would love to see what you’ve caught around Australia and where. Just scroll to the bottom of the brag board and complete the invitation with a fishing story and of course your prize catch photo!

Can you beat the 18kg Dhufish caught by Terry at Cape Naturaliste or the 10 pound Estuary Cod hooked by Finn in Broome? Or even Darren's 96cm Barramundi we keep bragging about?

Hooked on Fishing!

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