Fuel Prices

"Fuel prices in Australia can vary substantially over time and particularly between towns, cities and remote areas."

The further you travel away from civilization the higher the cost is for both petrol and diesel fuels. This is mainly due to transport (cartage) costs and lower population levels. The more populated areas obviously charge less for fuel.

Discount Vouchers

When grocery shopping at Coles or Woolworths, keep hold of your receipts, as if you spend over $30 in the supermarket you get a fuel discount voucher printed at the bottom of your docket. The discount is usually 4 cents per litre, however sometimes they have special offers and you can get discounts of 8 cents per litre and even up to 20 cents at certain times. They have an expiry day so take note of those.

Cost of Fuel

The cost of fuel has skyrocketed over the years and naming a price is impossible as it changes constantly due to the fluctuating price of crude oil and marketplace forces such as supply, demand and competition.

Pricing Examples

We can however, give you an average example of the prices as at the time of writing (Oct 2015). These prices were obtained from the Western Australian Government’s fuel watch program which is designed to protect consumers by monitoring fuel outlets and their pricing.

These are average prices in Western Australia. We have actually paid a lot more in the past while travelling in the outback. The photo below is from Mt Magnet, WA in 2008.

Unleaded Petrol

Country - $1.36

Metro - $1.20

Outback - $1.51


Country - $1.36

Metro - $1.33

Outback - $1.45

Currency Conversion

If you are unfamiliar with the conversion rates for the Australian Dollar use the currency converter below to get an idea in relation to your own currency.

Australian Institute of Petroleum (AIP)

The AIP provides average weekly retail (pump) prices across the nation for both unleaded petrol and diesel. This could be a useful reference to check average prices at the time of travel.

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