"Well deserved comfort for the weary traveller."

Hotels in Australia are the happy campers’ and backpackers’ luxury accommodation alternative to free camps, caravan parks and hostels and the ultimate indulgence when in need.

Australia has hotels and motels anywhere and everywhere around the country to suit all budgets and tastes, even along the outback roads such as the Nullarbor Plain (roadhouse motels that is!).

We haven’t had to frequent them too often, but really lap them up when we do, particularly the flasher ones in big cities with king size beds, Foxtel and maybe even a spa bath and champagne on ice (occasionally). Then of course there are plenty of budget rooms around for the thrifty travellers (like us). In case of horrible weather conditions when you just cannot possibly camp in your van, events in the city you want to be close to or any other circumstances, you can search here for the best accommodation in your required location to suit your needs and finances.

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Camping outdoors is definitely enjoyable. We do it all the time when we travel. But homely stays are such a luxury for us campers when we can. We can even sleep in and check out at 10am, instead of getting up at the crack of dawn, without a shower and getting back on the road, usually half asleep but still hanging out for the next point of interest and the scenery along the way. Ah, to be rich and doing the hotel thing around Oz….but we wouldn’t have it any other way. The outdoor life is our scene and that’s why we do it and no doubt you do too. So enjoy your travels on the road and pamper yourselves every now and then.

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