Preserving Bait

“Preserving bait with salt is a practical, time and money saving process whilst travelling and fishing.”

Bait can become expensive and even wasteful when you are travelling on the road, particularly in remote areas. Most of us often buy a packet of mulies or squid at the closest service station and use what we can to fish and then throw the remainder out or feed it to the sea birds.

Waste not, want not, we say. Why not save it for your next fishing adventure. Well the answer is salt. Yes plain old cooking salt, the cheapest you can find in the supermarket, 1 or 2 kilos should do the trick.

You can use it for bought bait and caught bait. Use a suitable air-tight container (lunchbox or similar) and spread a layer of salt on the bottom. Add the bait, whole or chopped, and continue to cover with salt until all is adequately salted (mulies are better kept whole).

Leave the bait for 24 hours and then drain any liquid which extracts from the bait. Add more salt to preserve the bait and it will last for weeks, if not months.

You’ll find mulies stay firmer when salted as opposed to fresh, you get more casts from each baited hook, the salt lingers in the water and attracts fish and your save money on bait, plus free up more room in your esky or fridge for more important items such as food, drinks and of course fish fillets. The smell factor is negative too!

You can salt just about anything. Keep the salted bait in an airtight container and out of the sun. Once salted and sealed it doesn’t smell, you can even bag it up in zip lock bags.

Preserving bait is definitely the way to go. Instead of arriving at your next fishing destination and forking out more money for bait at the servo, or wasting valuable fishing time chasing live bait, you already have it on hand, salted and preserved, ready to go. Sound good? Give it a go.

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