Road Signs

“Road signs in Australia are there for your safety and the safety of other drivers. “

Keep an eye out on the road whilst travelling in Australia for signage of various designs and displays. They stipulate road rules, directions and travel distances, speed limits, wildlife, road works, road conditions, road closures and anything else that needs your attention.

Our speed limit signs are white with black numbers circled in red. The speed is indicated in kilometres per hour, not miles. For unit conversions, use the google gadget below.

There are also many yellow and black signs, iconic to Australia and sold as souvenirs (in plastic form) all over the country. These signs warn drivers of wildlife likely to be on the road in the area and generally specify the amount of kilometres ahead to keep an eye out. However in Australia you should always be looking out for animals on the road. These signs are good reminders. They are also fun to photograph.

Our direction and distance signs are dark green and white. They let you know which towns are coming up, which way to turn and often how many kilometers you have to travel. We also have mini green signs in some areas on the highways every 10 to 20 kilometres, counting down how far to reach the next town.

Road Sign, Western Australia, Australia
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Those are the main road signs we have in Australia. You’ll see all sorts on your travels, even some very basic handwritten signs on cardboard boxes or sheets of old building materials, amusing signs and plenty to photograph, particularly in our outback regions.

Tennant Creek, Northern Territory, Australia
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Many of the outback adventure tracks have collections of souvenirs on display, where you leave something of yours behind, which is practically littering, but we seem to do it on some of these iconic tourist routes in the middle of nowhere. There is an underwear tree and various others along the Nullarbor Plain, memento trees on the Old Telegraph Track mainly consisting of old car parts and many others around where you can leave your mark, as they say. There's definitely a few lost number plates from vehicles floating around the country.

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