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"Travel distances in Australia might come as a surprise for international visitors."

Our island continent may look smaller in comparison to others on the world map, however, the distance from one side to the other, in terms of East and West, is about 4000 kilometres. This would take at least 4 days of solid 12 hour driving daily with basically no time to stop for sightseeing, whilst getting from point A to B (for example, Sydney to Perth).

Distances and Directions Online

You can get detailed distances, directions and estimated driving times by using the Google Gadget below. Just type in your starting and finishing points.

Distance Unit Converter

You can also convert distances from miles to kilometres using the unit converter below.

How Long Does it Take?

When planning your road trip, bear in mind that there is a lot of ground to cover and time is always of the essence when you want to appreciate as much as possible on your travels. The lap around Australia, sticking to the main highway (Highway 1) is about 20,000 kilometres in distance and that’s not including all the side roads you might want to explore along the coast or venturing inland to other points of interest.

So how long does it take to travel around Australia by road you wonder? Well how long is a piece of string? (as the old saying goes).There is no particular answer. There are so many factors to take into consideration, such as your budget, length of stay in the country or local holiday duration, how much you want to see and your most focused places of interest.

We have done the lap around Australia twice, the second trip we visited Tasmania for two weeks and we always travelled at our own pace and stayed at particular places for extended periods, including travelling up to the tip of the Cape York Peninsula in Queensland. It took nearly 12 months both times and the first time we worked along the way for a few months.The lap can definitely be done in a lot less time.

Overseas Visitors

It is so hard to estimate how long you need to see this beautiful country, but if you have your 1 year Australia Visa and want to make the most of your time here, base your travel plans on the full 12 months, picking up work here and there if you need to or as your Visa specifies (some Visas require working in Australia for certain amounts of time).

Australia Road Maps

Apart from the reliable Australia maps published by Hema, there is also the online Google Travel Distances Gadget featured above. Just type in your point A and B (to and from destinations) and get directions and travel distances. It is a fantastic free tool to utilize when planning to and travelling around Australia, or even worldwide, when you have internet connection available.

On average you could travel a couple of hundred kilometres a day in popular sightseeing regions and in the outback you could do more (much more if there is nothing of interest to you). We honestly and genuinely suggest purchasing a good map book and using it to plan and drive your way around Australia. Work out the travel distances before hand or as you go and the “human” navigator in your vehicle can have fun (or stress) plotting your course of travel…or getting you lost…as sometimes can be the case. There are plenty of kilometres/miles to travel here in Australia.

Travel Distance Chart for Capital Cities in Australia

Distances between cities are measured in kilometres (km) as per Australian road maps.

2056 Brisbane
1200 1268 Canberra
3065 3420 3981 Darwin
1031 1985 958 4096 Hobart
729 1683 656 3794 302 Melbourne
2696 4341 3896 4048 3727 3425 Perth
1421 962 285 3987 1194 892 3957 Sydney

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