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"The Travel Australia Bible takes you on the journey of a lifetime."

You have found our Travel Australia Bible which indicates that you are interested in travelling around our beautiful sunburnt country. You may be a newbie to Oz, have already been there, done that and are planning another trip, or just enjoy reminiscing past adventures by Googling Australian tourism sites on the internet. Well, regardless of your travel intentions down under, you’ve come to the right place.

See the map of Australia below. Well that hangs on our wall at home and highlights the roads we have travelled, most more than once or twice. It represents our number one hobby, passion and obsession and we add to it whenever we travel Australia and explore new and exciting places. We were born and bred in the far southwestern corner of Western Australia and still reside there today, when we’re not on the road that is. You are reading first-hand knowledge and experience from “proud-to-be-Australians” and genuine “down-to-earth happy campers”.

Currently we have 230 individual destinations covered. Some are remote towns in the outback with only a fuel-stop, tavern and camp ground or basic motel accommodation, like stops along the Nullarbor Plain and Great Australian Bight. Then there are the major towns and cities along National Route 1, or “Highway 1”, which interconnects all states and capital cities on the Australian mainland. This is the best route for two-wheel drive vehicles keen to stay on the bitumen and within civilization.

Also covered are several four-wheel drive tracks we’ve explored so far. The Gibb River Road in Western Australia is one of our favourites and we jump at the opportunity to visit the Kimberley Region over and over again. This track has improved its general condition and upkeep over the years, however four-wheel drives are still highly recommended to enter some of the gorges off the main track, otherwise you’re on foot from the car park to a few of the attractions. There are stunning waterfalls, gorges and ranges of captivating scenery and rivers and creek crossings galore for barramundi fishing and four-wheel driving.

The four-wheel driving and fishing enthusiasts will also enjoy the adventurous detour from the Gibb River Road northward up Kalumburu Road, to the Mitchell Plateau and spectacular Mitchell Falls and much more. The scenery, river and beach camps, fishing, mud crabbing and exploring out yonder is fabulous and remote.

The Gulf track through the outback Northern Territory to Queensland is another all-time Travel Australia Bible favourite and finds a varied selection of activities and scenery, mainly focusing on fishing for barramundi, cherebin and mud crabs as well as wildflower viewing, freshwater and hot springs and other natural wonders off the beaten track such as Lawn Hill National Park.

Cape York Peninsula in Far North Queensland is becoming more and more popular with 4wding adventurers, fishermen and tourists over the years. Within the last decade we’ve ventured up the Cape twice, via the Peninsula Development Road and finished on route via the Old Telegraph Track (OTT –mad keen 4WDer’s only). Conditions have changed dramatically within this period of time. The main road gets graded more often and it’s only the corrugation that gets the better of you. The creek crossings on the OTT have moved, caved in, been rebuilt, had plenty of bogs, rollovers and recoveries, and have souvenirs, messages, spare parts and undergarments hanging from the trees. Life is one big exciting journey up the Cape. Just don’t get too adventurous and go belly up! Cautious travellers stick to the Development and Bamaga Roads!

The Red Centre in the Northern Territory is absolute red dirt, red rock and scenic bliss. Combined with Aboriginal culture, outback tracks and the spectacular mammoth rocks and canyons of Central Australia, this part of the country is way up high on the list of WOW factor here in Oz when you travel Australia. Uluru (Ayers Rock), The Olgas (KataTjuta) and Kings Canyon (Watarrka) are unbelievably amazing and we would more than happily travel the few thousand kilometres from home to revisit these sacred, stunning places to appreciate and relive the overwhelming, awe-inspiring feeling we felt when we arrived and explored the region for the first time. The Red Centre beholds scenery, spirituality and sacredness. An unexplainable experience until you set your sights upon this red, raw and remote part of Australia.

Wolfe Creek, in Western Australia, is a bit of a mission to access via corrugation and an un-kept and unsealed road, but is one of those unique natural landforms you don’t get to see very often. It dates back hundreds of thousands of years and is worth a look if you enjoy venturing into the unknown. The unique meteorite crater has left its mark alright, creates intrigue and speculation, and has been the location of one of Australia’s most horrific thriller movies yet. AARRRGGGHHH! (Don’t rent it unless you enjoy horror films).

If you’ve read this far down, you’ve most likely come to the conclusion that we go here, there and everywhere when we travel Australia, but really love the thrill of the unknown and the adventure of the outback. Well that is true, but we also fell in love with places like Sydney (the rat race, who would’ve thought?), Byron Bay (the rich, the famous and the happy campers/backpackers all enjoying an iconic holiday destination and sharing the beaches together with no discrimination or status quo), Melbourne (another spectacular city, particularly in footy season!) The list goes on.

We love everywhere we travel in Australia, the people we meet and the friends we make along the way. We are just two Aussies and a dog, living our lives and working and saving. We travel Australia whenever we can and we hope sharing this information helps you enjoy what we love doing best.

Please contact us if you have a question you need answered. We will do our best to help you out or try and point you in the right direction. Also, if you have any subjects you feel need to be covered let us know. We’re always thinking about the next topic. Happy travels like-minded people and enjoy what awaits you when you travel Australia.

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Australia Map
Australia Map. You'll definitely need one of these if you're planning to travel Australia. Google has a great online map and there are plenty of comprehensive Hema hard copies to purchase.

Vehicle choice and preparation are essential when travelling in outback Australia. See here for suggested equipment and accessories to take on your trip.

Plan your road trip around Australia. What you need to pack, what to organise at home and you're on your way.

Emergency Contacts
Emergency contacts are something outback travellers should bear in mind. Print off this list of Royal Flying Doctors Australia-wide to keep in your vehicle when travelling in remote Australia.

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Travelling with pets is easy and so much fun. Find out here what to take as a basic first aid kit for your beloved pet dog.

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Dog boarding kennels are located all over Australia and are very convenient for pet owners travelling with pets. Find a kennel near your holiday destination here.

Free Camping
Free Camping in Australia is permitted in many locations. You'll find some fabulous scenic freebies around the country, many are basic bush camps but free is the ultimate word.

Caravan Parks
Caravan parks are the most popular, cheapest and convenient form of accommodation on the great Australian road trip. Find a park at your next holiday destination here.

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Road Rules
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Road Conditions
Road Conditions in Australia can change quickly in remote areas. Wet weather can make dirt tracks become impassable and unsafe.

Road Signs
Road Signs on Australian roads keep you safe. You can even buy lookalike signs as souvenirs. The wildlife signs are unique and an Aussie favourite.

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Travel Distances
Travel distances in Australia might come as a surprise for international visitors. Calculate distances from point A to B of your choice here.

4WDing tips for less experienced four-wheel drivers. Tips on tyre pressure, vehicle recovery and creek crossings. Most importantly get to know your vehicle mechanically if travelling in the outback.

Barramundi are magnificent fish iconic to Northern Australia. Thrilling to catch and delicious to eat. Find out where the best spots to go barra fishing are.

Crocodiles are dominant predators in northern Australian waters. Caution should definitely be taken as one or two fatal attacks are reported on average each year.

Fishing Tips
A few fishing tips for less experienced anglers. Learn how to cast a throw net and catch live bait, tie some basic knots and handle and cook mud crabs.

Brag Board
Brag Board featuring a variety of fish caught around Australia. The current leader is a 96cm Barramundi caught on the Cape York Peninsula.

Australia Visa
Australia Visa. The first task to undertake when planning to visit Australia. Tourist, working, student, business. Get the links here.

Airfare Deals
Airfare deals for international travel to Australia. So frustrating and so much to choose from. Research online then contact a few respected travel agents, they are in the know and get great deals.

Budget Travel Insurance
Budget travel insurance is a high priority when planning an overseas holiday. They say if you can't afford travel insurance then you can't afford to travel. The consequences could be devastating.

Camper Rentals
Camper rentals are the most popular form of travel for overseas visitors touring around Australia. You have your transportation, sleeping quarters, kitchen and storage space all-in-one.

Aboriginal Culture
Aboriginal Culture in Australia dates back 10's of 1000's of years. These indigenous people lived off the land in the harsh Australian outback until the British colonisation changed their way of life.

Aboriginal Art
Aboriginal Art in Australia dates back thousands of years. Primitive and ingenious, creative and meaningful. The indigenous people told stories and made historic timelines through their art.

Australia Facts
Find Australia facts here! Australia has the world's longest coral reef, largest monolith rock and largest sand island. It has 6 states and 2 territories and over 22 million people.

Australian Wildlife
Australian Wildlife is diverse, unique and captivating. The things you see in the wild whilst travelling this remarkable country are often mind blowing and nature at its absolute best.

Best Beaches
Best Beaches around Australia. We've selected 10 but it is impossible to narrow down. Australia has so many stunning beaches all over the country. Whitehaven Beach in The Whitsundays takes the cake!

Big Things
Big Things are definitely big in Australia. We have statues of all sorts of things which make great photo opportunites and an interesting road trip. What have you come across on your travels?

National Anthem
National Anthem

Camping Store
Camping Store on the Travel Australia Bible. Search for discounted camping goods to take on your travels.

Fishing Store
Fishing Store online within the Travel Australia Bible site. We will be offering a variety of products useful to your travelling needs, particularly fishing, outdoor and leisure equipment.

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